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Ann Bennett

Working with Alison has been nothing short of miraculous. When I came to her I was very concerned about my aging skin. What was I going to do? I’ve never been one for a facelift but definitely needed a refresh. Being in the public eye can make you extra sensitive to how you look. The process (Fractora) that she masterfully performed was amazing at tightening my baggy skin and giving it the glow and texture of someone decades younger…Bravo!

Noralynne Rudolph

Alison Gracom at Complete Care Medical Spa is AMAZING! As is her staff, Jean Morris and Julie Thomas. I have been seeing Alison for over a year now. Initially, I was referred to her for medical reasons (which she helped me through successfully.) After a few visits I found out that Alison and Jean also did spa treatments. Complete Care Medical Spa offers multiple non-invasive treatments from facials, Botox, Juvederm, IPL, and Fractora…all of which I have personally done. Up until this year I had never tried any youth rejuvenating treatments. I have always had deep lines between my eyebrows that have bothered me. The combination of these treatments have helped to remove fine lines and lessen the visibility of my “11s” between my eyes.

I can honestly say that I trust Alison, Jean and Julie unconditionally and will never go to anyone else for both medical and spa treatments!

Tracy – Capo Beach

I have had 2 IPLs and have received Botox treatments at Complete Care Medical Spa. The IPLs have taken care of my pigment issues and in addition have tightened my pores and given me a glow. I love my Botox results and have recommended others for this treatment. I have the utmost confidence in the staff at Complete Care Medical Spa. They provide a relaxing atmosphere and are true professionals.

Gina H.

I came to Complete Care Family Medicine’s Medi-Spa last year looking to improve the elasticity of my skin and to combat the damage I had done from many years in the Southern California sun. My wedding was only a few months away and Alison Gracom and Jean Morris worked with me on a series of treatments that would ultimately help my face to produce much needed collagen, attack brown spots and brighten my very damaged skin. In the four months before the wedding, I had two Fractora and IPL treatments. I was so pleased with the progress we made in just those four months, I have since had several Forma treatments that have helped to tighten my skin even more. I am grateful to both Alison Gracom and Jean Morris for their help and expertise, they made an unforgettable day even better.